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Why study about AI is important for everyone?

As an AI Graduated for about 15 years ago, about midst of my teen ages, I am always seeking about the footprint of AI everywhere in the digital world around me.

For example, I am talking about buying special cookie in my mother tong, and a few second later refer to Instagram explore and surprisingly watching cookie recipes or sweet advertisements (Speech Recognition – Clustering – Natural Language Processing).

I am scrolling a webpage and watching a slider sliding around. And stop scrolling on a special slide of slider to read more about that slide and surprisingly the timing function of slider alters and extend for me to read more (Basic AI).

I am exploring Instagram and focusing on a special photo while scrolling. The next time I refresh, that special photo will appear on top of all explored images (Eye Monitoring and Machine Vision – Camera Capture)

I am searching an special text into Google Search Engine and it offers me the issue I had priviousely negotiate with a friend into an email or obviously an Instagram post or comment! (Machine Learning)

You search into ChatGPT and it answers rare questions very precisely (Neural Network and Machine Learning)

Instagram offers you people with the same similarities to follow (Clustering)

Previous Search Results will affect the result of the results of new search query. Google will customize search result via your personal characterisitics and interests (Machine Learning)

Welcome to my mindset! This is all I understand from using mobile devices and PC.

These days, knowing where to put your information is very important because via special mechanisms, these distributed unrelated information about you will be linked in a very special way using Data Mining Clustering and Machine Learning in a hug database with the label of your personal information.

Every digital monster have collected information about your past present and future data via your posts, liked, follows, search queries, profile picture, via every post you focused longer (even not watched) into Instagram Explore, about profiles you privately visit, via every post you take time to watch and read longer than other ordinary posts, via content of your emails and absolutely which email is residing into your inbox and which email is sent to the trash, via which conversation even in mother tong you had with your mother or neighbor, via personal information stores by your wearable devices such as smart watches, via which Youtube channel you subscribe and which video category you more watched and liked and which video you disliked, via your 5 years ago videos you interested more.

So be careful which data you are sharing on social media. They are so much eager to know about you. And they know about you more than you think and know about yourself.

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