Zahra Mansoori

First Years

Zahra, was born in Iran in July 23th, 1983 (Mordad 1st, 1362 Jalali). She passed her first two years of her life in UAE because of her family mission.

She passed her teen ages under strong consideration of her educated family; but her passion to arts flowrish in high school while she passed her art lessons. Despite her tendency, their family tend her to continue her education in mathematic branch. She continued studying arts in her free time on self-study.

Academic Life

In 2001 (1380 Jalali) she gains high score in global student exams (conquere) and was accepted as Computer Engineer at Iran University of Science and Technology. She loves student activities and firstly joint to acm regional contest group as coordinator. Then she joint to Scientific Commitee by means of election and consequently joint to CFSC7 Conference board as Web Designer, Photographer and Graphic Designer. She continued study there in Hardware Engineering Major. She passed her apprenticeship in Iran Telecommunication Research Center.

After graduating Bachelore Degree, She was accepted to Sharif University of Technology by gaining high score in conqure. Simeltaneusly she was working as junior programmer at Douran Data Processing Co.. She enjoyed working with professionals and learnt a lot.

She published ISI papers while writing her essay. She was majored in Artificial Intelligence in her Master Degree. Her Master thesis was about improving a Content-Based Image Retrieval. CBIR was a brand new subject in AI filed and a little bit later was widely used in Google Image Search Engine.

Job Life

She started working as University Lecturer at Parand Islamic Azad University in 2009 (1388 Jalali). She taught Descret Mathematics and Networking.

She has experiences workign in System Group, Iran Telecommunication Company of Iran and Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran. While her working she published some outstanding Papers which is available in her Google Scholar Page.

In 2018 (1397 Jalali) she got certificated in Full-Stack Web Design and started working at Tehran Institute of Technology as Lecturer.

Current engagements are Freelance Tutor, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Content and Advertising manager.